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Track Day Package

At JZM we offer a Track Day Package.

Standard Porsche road brake pads have a lower operating temperature range than race brake pad which are designed for aggressive braking, discs temperatures can reach 750deg C +. Therefore it is necessary to take advantage of this package if you intend to use your Porsche on track.

Involves the fitting of race pads; once done you will be instructed on the correct pad bedding procedure. We also recommend changing the Brake fluid for one that has a higher boiling point than road fluid.

JZM will remove the old pads, clean the brake callipers and refit the new race pads. Pad sensors may be disabled as the extreme high temperatures will melt the plastic wear sensors. The car is then road tested.

For further information on this package and prices please contact: steve@jzmporsche.com


JZM Porsche is well established as the UK’s premier Porsche GT3 specialist, which means that we get a high number of Porsche GT2’s, GT3’s and GT4’s in the workshop for tuning and track day setup on our Hunter laser alignment ramp. By setting a car geometry in this way we are trying to achieve maximum possible contact of the tyre with the track surface at all times during cornering, when done correctly the car becomes easier and safer to drive at speed, understeer is eliminated break away is more progressive making the car easy to drift through  corners.

Tyre wear is also reduced due to 100% of the available rubber being in contact with the tarmac, other factors come into play such as tyre pressures and tyre type.

Suspension type (KW 3 way Club Sport) will also increase stability and your ability to push the car harder, setup requirements are discussed with each individual customer and advice is given to achieve the desired result.

If you want a JZM set up, email or for more information about our Porsche tuning products, including KW Suspension and Akrapovic titanium exhausts. Email : steve@jzmporsche.com



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