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Pre Purchase Inspection

Prior to making your Porsche purchase here at JZM we offer a pre purchase inspection of your Porsche. This instils confidence when making your final decision. We also offer over 30 years of expert advice which we can offer when buying or servicing your Porsche.

To book a Porsche Pre-Purchase Inspection email service@jzmporsche.com or call us on 01923 269 788

What to expect from an inspection and what we examine

  • The inspection will take 3 hours which includes a full report
  • On completion our workshop team will email or call you to discuss costs
  • We check lights, lenses for chips and cracks
  • Cockpit instruments and switches
  • General inspection of interior
  • Check all ECU data
  • Door Locks
  • Front and rear bonnet and car exterior for scratching, chips and paint depth
  • Check all suspension, steering
  • Inspect tyres
  • Brake pads and discs and callipers and brake hoses
  • All the wheel arch area
  • Air conditioning, oil coolers and oil lines.
  • Porsche underbody, chassis
  • Fuel and brake lines
  • Gear box condition and engine leaks
  • Exhaust system and mountings
  • Roll bars and drop links

By thoroughly checking all of the above we can confirm whether the car is performing as it should

The Result

You will be given a final report where we can advise you of any immediate work required or work that should be done in the future.

Pre Purchase Inspection – £215.00 + vat


Additional work


Cylinder Leakage test

Air cooled Porsche engines are susceptible to piston ring and valve guide wear if run consistently at low engine speed or used for short journeys.

As part of a pre purchase inspection on all Porsche 911 >1997 with air cooled engines we would recommend a cylinder leakage test.

This involves removing the spark plugs after first running the engine to full temperature then bringing in turn each of the 6 cylinders to top dead centre with both inlet and exhaust valves closed. Each cylinder is then pressurised with compressed air, the rate this pressure leaks from the cylinder is measured in %.

A cylinder in perfect condition will leak at around 2-5%. The upper limit is 25% which is considered the point at which the engine requires rebuilding.

Cylinder Leak Test – £133.00 + vat


Bore Scope

Water cooled Porsche engines with Locasil bores 1998 -2008 (excluding Turbo and GT3) this type of engine was susceptible to bore scoring.

Engines with larger bore diameters 997 3.8S and V8 Cayenne S suffer the most. This problem can affect all engines with Locasil bores. As part of a pre purchase inspection we recommend a bore scope test is carried out.

This involves removing the spark plugs. The engine must be below 50 deg C each cylinder is brought to bottom dead centre. A camera is fed through the spark plug hole the bore is photographed and inspected for damage.

Borescope – £133.00 + vat



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