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Frequently Asked Questions

  • MOT's

    We carry these out at a cost of £69.40 inc vat

  • Brake Fluid Change

    Porsche recommends the brake fluid in your car should be changed every two years; brake fluid is hydroscopic and absorbs water over time. Also the moisture in the system can lead to corrosion of parts like the ABS modulator. Brake fluid is subjected to very high temperatures, especially in the brake callipers. Castrol Dot 4 brake fluid has a dry boiling point of around 230 deg C Castrol SRF race fluid used on track day cars has a boiling point in excess of 300 deg C.
    It must have a high boiling point to avoid vaporizing in the lines as more and more water is absorbed into the fluid the wet boiling point gets nearer to 100 deg the boiling point of water.
    This vaporization is a problem because vapour is highly compressible relative to liquid, and therefore negates the hydraulic transfer of braking force - so the brakes will fail to stop the car.

    Brake Fluid Change Dot 4 - £95.00 + vat

    Brake Fluid Change Castrol SRF - £153.43 + vat

  • Service Books

    We can order these to keep your stamp history up to date. Unfortunately we cannot give you a timescale of delivery of these as they are printed when Porsche receive sufficient orders.

    Service Books £20.00-£35.00 + vat

  • Courtesy Cars

    We do offer these and also insure them for you

    Courtesy cars – Free of Charge

  • Collection/Delivery Services

    We charge and do the following for:

    Collection From Storage Company: £50.00 + vat
    Delivery back to Storage Company:£50.00 + plus
    Local Collection: £15.00 + vat
    Local Delivery: £15.00 + vat

  • Air con Re-gas

    £64.50 + vat

  • Ctek Chargers

    The MXS 5.0 is a charger that offers state of the art technology that was previously only found in CTEK's professional product range. The charger can solve a range of battery related problems and is the perfect charger for those with high demands. The MXS 5.0 offers features such as: battery diagnosis that shows if a battery can receive and retain a charge, a special reconditioning function that restores stratified and deeply discharged batteries, unique maintenance charging: a mode for optimised charging during cold winter days. The charging of demanding AGM batteries (i.e. Optima). The unique display allows the user to follow the entire charging process. The MXS 5.0 is a fully automatic 8-step charger that delivers selectable 0.8 A or 5 A to 12 V batteries from 1.2-110 Ah and is suitable for maintenance charging up to 160 Ah. The charger is IP65 classified (splash and dust proof), designed to protect vehicle electronics, is non-sparking, reverse polarity protected and short-circuit proof.

    £79.95 + vat

  • Airbag Check

    £45.60 + vat

  • Hourly Labour Rate

    £86.00 + vat

  • Key Remotes

    The remote handset prices (as of May 2017) are as follow:

    • 996 / 986 (1998 – 2005) £113.76 > £125.42 + vat
    • 997 / 987 / Cayman (2005 > 2012) £131.87 + vat
    • 991 / 981 £172.45 (2012 > 2016) £172.45 + vat

    Replacement key shanks for pre-2012 cars are £102.42 + vat (they come complete with 2012>cars remote controls)

    To obtain security codes from Porsche, we will require copies of:

    • V5 Log book - pages 1 & 2 (or sales/purchase invoice)
    • Photo driver’s licence
    • A completed & signed authorization forms.

    Charge for sports cars to code the remote control to the car is 1/2 hour Labour - £43.00 + vat
    Charge for a Cayenne is 1 hour labour - £86.00 + vat

  • Batteries

    We stock the following batteries:

    Bosch Battery 70amp
    Supplied & fitted £134.00 + vat

    Bosch Battery 80amp
    Supplied & fitted £149.00 + vat …………. any other battery we can usually get in next day.

  • Full Geometry

    £230 + vat

  • Car Valuations

    We carry out this service for insurance purposes at a cost of
    £25.00 + vat

  • Storage for Customers Parts/Tyres/Exhausts etc

    If you would like to store your parts for your car here at JZM this would be at a cost of :

    £20.00 + vat Monthly

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