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Engine and Gearbox Rebuilds

JZM are proven experts in Porsche engine rebuilding. We can restore your engine to as new or upgrade your Porsche engine to produce more power. We also offer ASNU ultrasonic injector cleaning and gearbox rebuilding, gear ratio changes and modifications to limited slip differentials on all Porsche models.

We pride ourselves on having not only a wealth of experience and success in this area but also…

Once reconditioned our Porsche engines and gearboxes come with in house 1 year / 12,000 mile warranty.


Andy Grant 993 Oct 2014 011
Andy Grant 993 Oct 2014 015
Andy Grant 993 Oct 2014 017
Andy Grant 993 Oct 2014 018
Andy Grant 993 Oct 2014 020
Andy Grant 993 Oct 2014 021
Andy Grant 993 Oct 2014 024
Andy Grant 993 Oct 2014 026
Andy Grant 993 Oct 2014 032
Andy Grant eng Nov'14 40

Engine rebuild of a 993 3.6 to 3.8 conversion

Our customer bought this car elsewhere but brought it to JZM to work their magic and turn it into a 993 RS replica with a full engine overhaul. The engine conversion comprises of a 3.8 RSR barrels and pistons, Porsche Cup camshafts lightweight flywheel, mechanical rocker arms, larger inlet stacks and inlet ports machined to match.

EngRebuild Feb2016 043
EngRebuild Feb2016 052
EngRebuild Feb2016 074
EngRebuild Feb2016 075
EngRebuild Feb2016 090
EngRebuild Feb2016 092
EngRebuild Feb2016 099
EngRebuild Feb2016 160
EngRebuild Feb2016 164
EngRebuild Feb2016 168

Engine rebuild of a 3.2 Carrera Club Sport

This car was brought into JZM after the owner recently purchased it with a rattling engine which unearthed all manner of problems. After investigation it required a full engine rebuild. Above  shows  a journey from beginning through to the finished engine rebuild.

Eng FettsFeb 2016 007
Eng FettsFeb 2016 016
Eng FettsFeb 2016 021
Eng FettsFeb 2016 027
Eng FettsFeb 2016 034
Eng FettsFeb 2016 035
Eng FettsMar 2016 048
Eng FettsMar 2016 050
Eng FettsMar 2016 062
Eng FettsMar 2016 067
Eng FettsMar 2016 079
Eng FettsMar 2016 093

Engine rebuild of a 1987 3.3 Turbo

This car came to us having been stood under a tree outside for 11 years. The engine would not run before the rebuild and was found to have a faulty CDI box, 2 x fuel pumps, fuel distributor, injectors, ignition leads and broken cylinder head studs and was in a very sorry state. Before the engine could be restarted the fuel tank was cleaned and the 11 year old fuel was replaced, the key was finally turned and the engine was reborn.


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