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Thank you for visiting JZM Porsche Sales. We have an exceptional selection of used Porsche for sale and we hope you enjoy browsing through our showroom to find your perfect Porsche.

You can rest assured that for every Porsche that makes it into our showroom there are a number that have not made the grade. Each Porsche that we do offer for sale undergoes our industry leading Porsche pre-sale inspection process. Each Porsche pre-sale inspection is carried out by our team of experienced Porsche technicians to ensure that it matches the quality that our customers have come to expect.

JZM Porsche is the UK’s leading independent Porsche specialist . Our team of highly trained Porsche technicians use the latest PIWIS 3 ( Porsche Integrated Workshop Information System ) diagnostics testers to give new owners total peace of mind. We are also the only UK Porsche independent to have PXN (Porsche eXternal Network) this gives us the ability to perform all necessary reprogramming and key code adaption functions. All of our Porsche for sale include a one year warranty and seven day money back guarantee.


Quality SOR Porsche for sale with JZM

We offer a new approach to help you select your perfect Porsche. Besides our own stock of Porsche for sale we can also widen your choice by including a selection of our customer’s cars (SOR). Each SOR used Porsche is sold with our JZM one year warranty included.

SOR Porsche are extensively cars that we have regularly serviced and maintained for customers, so we are fully aware of their history, and have utmost confidence when offering them for sale on a customer’s behalf.

Our SOR service is so successful that other Porsche dealers are trying to emulate it. With over 2000 satisfied customers its popularity speaks volumes.

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February 19th, 2018

Hi Adam Now I’ve finally had the chance to open the taps a little thought I’d drop you a quick note to say how delighted I am with my new toy. Its been under cover for the last 4 weeks but had a decent spin Surrey way where my folks…

“No longer available” – for collectors of rare classic cars, the unavailability of spare parts can quickly lead to problems. In the worst case scenario, the car may even be forced out of action. Porsche Classic, the division of Porsche dedicated to classic vehicles, has come up with a solution…

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Hi Adam Now I’ve finally had the chance to open the taps a little thought I’d drop you a quick note to say how delighted I am with my new toy. Its been under cover for the last 4 weeks but had a decent spin Surrey way where my folks live at the weekend - and was able to have some top down 2nd / 3rd gear amusement on a few twisty but open lanes. A couple of tunnels thrown in two; glorious. A PDK would have been a bad mistake, it can only be a manual! The south of...


Dear JZM,   Hope you are all well. I would very much like to commend all the JZM team following my recent experience.   As mentioned, I purchased a Porsche Cayman S approximately seven months ago from a Porsche dealership and upon going for a test drive noticed a slight pulling on the car. My thoughts were instantly relayed to the salesman who said that the car felt fine to him however in light of my feelings would be happy to have a wheel alignment/geometry test thrown in the deal. Because I lived in London very far away from this...

Mr Constantinou

Thanks for advice. Yes, JZM. Excellent buying experience, looked after well by Rob. Even the necessary, very rigorous (they know their cars and the market well), 3-way tag-team of Rob, Steve and Russ negotiating the p/ex was as painless as it could possibly be, given the circumstances! There are other firms - 911V and RPM with similarly good reputations, but none with the current selection of GT cars. Incredible stock list. Looking underneath the car before I bought it (because I'm awkward like that) it does appear to have the underfloor rear ducts, like the 997.2 GT3 they had up...


For the Attention of Chele at Reception and Ricky from Service and everyone !   Dear All,   My wife Liz and I are totally delighted with our first 2 visits to JZM. These will certainly not be our last. After visiting the JZM website, we came to the show-room earlier this week. The reception staff were friendly and knowledgeable and answered many questions on a number of small issues we have with our otherwise gorgeous Classic 997 C2. One principal difficulty we had was in silencing an infuriating and illusive buzzing and rattling audible from inside the car that...

Cliff & Liz Tibbels

I am writing to congratulate JZM Porsche for their products and good work. I am pleased to say that I have collaborated with Simon from Purchase department on offering a great present to a very special friend of mine. Simon offered me his support in buying a set of MANTHEY RACING MAGNESIUM WHEELS FOR 991 GT3 RS. His professionalism and proficient skills made me confident to purchase this present for my beloved friend. Simon was prompt and accurate with every step of the process and helped me to put a smile on my friends face. Congratulations Simon and thank you,...

Porfir Alexandru

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