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Two Suspension Offers at JZM this Spring

3rd March 2014

Due to an overwhelming response we're bringing our Suspension Offers forward to March 2014.

We have also received several requests to upgrade the brake fluid for better Track Day performance. At no extra cost we are replacing the DOT 4 fluid with Castrol SRF Racing Brake Fluid. Happy Tracking!

Porsche suspension is fantastic, but settings can drift out over time and take the edge off your sports machine. To help put the sharpness back into your chassis, we've got two great suspension offers at JZM Porsche this spring! Both offers end 30 April, 2014.

Offer One for March & April 2014 at JZM Porsche is a fast road geometry check and adjust, to make sure your car is set for maximum enjoyment behind the wheel. The service is priced at £170 plus VAT.

Offer Two for March & April 2014 at JZM Porsche is aimed at track day enthusiasts, and offers a bigger saving on a bigger package. It includes full geometry check and adjustment, replacing the brake fluid with high grade DOT 4 fluid Castrol SRF Racing Brake Fluid and bleeding the braking system, and renewing the engine oil and filter using special track day oil. Normally priced at £710 including VAT for a modern 911 - GT3 RS level etc - with its complex suspension setup and high specification of standard oil, this service is priced at £480 plus VAT: over £125 saved.

Call JZM today to book your Spring suspension setup. The workshop number here is 01923 269788, or you can email lynette@JZMporsche.com.

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