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Chassis Setup Spring GEO at JZM Porsche this February

1st February 2014

As Spring draws ever-closer, Porsche owners start to think about plans for 2014 and the trips they have lined up for their much-loved sports cars.

Now is the time where our workshop explodes and we book service and chassis setup work weeks in advance. You need to get your bookings in early if you want to start using that Porsche any time soon! Call 01923 269788 to book some work on your Porsche.

Chassis setup is a popular option at JZM Porsche. We run a range of options to include:

  • Standard tracking to road car geo specifications
  • New tyre tracking check and adjust - JZM fits tyres to all Porsche models
  • Fast road geo setup for occasional track day use but biased towards normal driving or touring
  • Upgrade geometry with chassis improvements including KW Suspension, RSS Control arms or monoball suspension mods
  • Track-biased road car set ups for more frequent track visitors

So highly rated is the JZM suspension setup equipment, that KW Suspension UK uses it for ongoing road testing of suspension packages under development. One big advantage of our Hunter rig for Porsche owners is the use of special hub-centric adaptors to ensure the alignment is taken straight from the wheel centre point. Using the hub centres means that once your car is set up, checking settings year-on-year is easily done with maximum accuracy.

Five-time winner of best UK Independent Porsche service garage, JZM Porsche earned its stripes racing successful 911s in European and Middle East motorsport. We have continued our involvement with winning Porsche racers and fast road cars for over twenty years. If you've never been to JZM Porsche in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, call us on 01923 269 788 to book your chassis setup today!

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