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Fuchs wheels on Porsche 964 Carrera Coupe

5th December 2013

Continuing our Fuchs theme from last time, here's a set of 17-inch Fuchs we recently fited to a Porsche 964 model at our Porsche service workshop in Hertfordshire, also serving North London.

This beautiful 911 Coupe is worthy of a Christmas present by way of a set of 17" forged Fuchs wheels, distributed in the UK by JZM Porsche. The kit used was the 7-inch front and 9-inch rear wheels. We employed 15mm spacers on each rear wheel, for a total rear track increase of 30mm, but no spacers on the front.

The Porsche is perhaps looking a little high on its new wheels and tyres so the owner is considering a KW Suspension kit to finish off the chassis upgrades. Would make it look incredible! See the full range of KW Suspension kits for Porsche 911 and other models in our Porsche tuning and parts shop.

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