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Reinvent your 911 with JZM Porsche and KW Suspension

19th August 2013

Hertfordshire specialist, JZM Porsche, offers transformative KW suspension upgrades from just £1600 on air-cooled Porsche 911s.

Now 50 years old, the Porsche 911 is one of the greatest sports cars ever made. But over time the spark can fade from its handling and make Stuttgart’s flagship package seem ordinary, as worn dampers and tired springs dull the original edge. Updating the suspension can transform all 911s: not just those destined for track days.

Reinvent your 911 with JZM Porsche and KW Suspension

Each KW Suspension package for Porsche 911 is specifically engineered to suit the weight and chassis. Dampers and springs are carefully combined to offer optimum dynamic response while retaining ride comfort.

Voted ‘Best UK Porsche Tuning Centre 2012’, JZM Porsche is KW Suspension’s specialist of choice for its own Porsche cars. The Hertfordshire & North West London Porsche centre has been fitting KW equipment for years, and the partnership continues to delight all involved.

“Every piece of KW equipment we have ever fitted has transformed the Porsche it went on,” says Steve McHale, Technical Director at JZM Porsche. “People associate JZM with high-end KW GT3 sports suspension and chassis geometry, but our KW kits for the standard 964 start around £1,600. When fitted and set up here at JZM, they transform the driving experience.

“The same applies on 993. After just 50,000 miles, the original Monroe dampers are already wearing thin from controlling 350 kilos of engine and transmission. Bespoke KW suspension vastly improves an ageing 993: every car we have set up on KW has enjoyed a night and day transformation, according to the owners.

“On later 911s, simple Carreras benefit greatly from KW Suspension kits. Without casting aspersions on a 996 or 997’s pedigree, the basic suspension is compromised for daily driving, some fast road use and touring. Technically superior KW equipment – as used by most German Porsche racing teams including Olaf Manthey’s legendary squad - offers a huge improvement. No Carrera owner could fail to be impressed by a KW setup, regardless of their normal driving terrain. A 911 rides better, tracks better and turns in better on properly set-up KWs.

“When one considers the cost of changing a Porsche for a later model, or gaining half a second per lap by tuning for more horsepower, the same performance improvement and more can be found for less cost by using better suspension, tuned to the car. JZM Porsche and KW can reinvent your Porsche: no question.”

Call JZM on 01923 269 788 to talk Porsche and KW with Steve McHale! See more KW Porsche Suspension equipment and kits at http://www.porschetuningparts.com/porsche-tuning/porsche-sports-suspension.html.

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