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Porsche 996 Turbo S: Quick JZM SOR Sale

25th July 2013

This fabulous silver 996 Turbo S recently sold in double-quick time at JZM Porsche in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire.

Posted on our website on Thursday, the valeter's polish had barely dried before we started getting calls about the car. The first prospective purchaser arrived on Saturday morning, took a drive and bought it. The buyer left happy and the owner of the car, who had put it with us on sale-or-return, was delighted to hear the news in a phone call straight afterwards.

JZM pioneered Sale-or-Return sales on commission for UK Porsche owners who were ready to sell their cars, but didn't want to handle the sale personally. We took plenty of flak from jealous competitors: "can't you afford to buy stock", "buying other peoples' cast-offs", "no chance of knowing what life it's had", etc.

Of course, this criticism was completely unfounded. All of the culprits have followed our lead in offering SOR, though not many follow the careful pre-sales processes we have in place.

All of our Porsche cars for sale receive a detailed pre-sale inepection before we decide to bring them into stock. This includes examining the ECU data so we can tell how hard a life it has had. This was another JZM first, which most UK used Porsche dealers seem to do nowadays.

A car offered to us for sale that passes the inspection will receive two offers from JZM: a cash purchase price or an SOR price. We are happy to buy your car from you or sell it on your behalf: sellers are welcome to choose either way, safe in the knowledge that they will get a quick sale and be paid as soon as the car is delivered.

Want to sell your Porsche? Send it to the five-time-voted Best Independent Porsche Garage in the UK. Call Russ, Rob or Jonas on 01923 269 788 and let us help you, hassle-free.

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