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Stay Cool at JZM Porsche this May with Special A/C Offers

1st May 2013

Air conditioning in cars is most associated with keeping cool in Summer, but fully-functional air conditioning is important in all weather, to make drivers comfortable and allow them to focus on driving.

Defunct air conditioning takes pleasure out of driving, adding frustration through steamed-up windows and a muggy cabin. It also takes hundreds of pounds off the value of any Porsche offered for sale: no knowledgeable buyer believes those ‘just needs a re-gas” stories nowadays.

The JZM Porsche workshop offer this May helps keep your Porsche air con working at its best. Each of our options will save you money!

Option 1: Cool for Cats. This is an air-con check and re-gas for the reduced price of £55 + vat. A quick and easy way to make sure all is well with your car’s air conditioning system, trained JZM Porsche technicians use our very clever air conditioning machine to put your climate control equipment through its paces. We ensure system pressure is healthy and stable, check there are no leaks and all is working correctly. We then top up your system with gas, dye and air con oil to ensure efficient interior climate control throughout the summer months.

Option 2: Ice Cold in Aylesbury. Corroded air con condensers are a recognised weak point on all modern Porsche cars. To fix this problem, JZM Porsche is offering 15% off all fitted air con condensers through the month of May. We use OEM parts and discount the total bill by 15%, saving up to £110 on our normal prices and ensuring this summer is a great time to drive!

Call JZM Porsche now on 01923 269 788 or email enquiries@jzmporsche.com to book your car in. See the full range of Porsche workshop services offered in Kings Langley Hertfordshire on the JZM service website at jzmachtech.com.


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