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Smart Porsche Boxster Servicing at Menu Prices

17th May 2013

We recently had this great 2005 Porsche Boxster in for servicing, looking fabulous in the right colour and on the right wheels. Sadly, the right weather did not come as standard with the car, but no bother to a Boxster, as the well-designed hood with glass rear window and heated leather seats do a great job of cosseting the driver when the weather plays up.

That high quality cabin relies on air conditioning/climate control to keep damp air to a minimum and prevent the windows from steaming up. We’ve got a great Porsche air conditioning offer all this month at JZM, with two options to choose from.

Option 1 is an aircon system check and regas for £55, which involves refilling the system with a leak dye, special air conditioning lubricant and environmentally friendly A/C gas. Our very clever Porsche air conditioning machine checks the system pressure and operating efficiency before giving it a clean bill of health.

Option 2 includes option one, adding replacement of one or both of the air conditioning condensers fitted to your Porsche 911 Boxster/Cayman or Cayenne, with 15% off the final bill. This can save up to £110 on doing the work after the offer expires.

Air conditioning is a critical part of Porsche driver comfort and safety. Your car was designed to be at its best with fully operational climate control so don’t neglect the maintenance of this important piece of the Porsche Boxster jigsaw! Contact us to book your Porsche Boxster or Cayman in for an aircon regas or service.


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