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Used Porsche Market Prices

11th April 2013

JZM knows that used prices are a hot topic amongst Porsche enthusiasts. Everyone wants value for money, but buyers should match apples with apples when comparing prices in the used Porsche market.

Our cars are the best we can find. If we're not happy with something, we will not retail it. But that car will be sold somewhere else. We won't sell cars that could require £5,000 or more spending in the first year of ownership on items that have not been maintained correctly, but another garage with lower standards will certainly sell that car.    

Often, the body and exterior condition on a car looks great, but the mechanicals let the car down badly. Or there is not much history for whatever reason, or the ECU shows a lot of rev limiter activity: not what we want to see when preparing a car for sale with our all-inclusive warranty.

JZM works hard to keep prices for our stock relevant to the rest of the market, while offering the best cars available. Remember this when comparing apparently similar cars in the Pistonheads Classifieds.

Make sure you are comparing cars of equal quality. Don't think all used Porsches are the same at a given age and mileage, because they are not. Cars we reject are frequently offered for sale elsewhere, priced within a few hundred pounds of much better cars we have decided to sell. You will never regret paying a few pounds more for the right car with a proper history and warranty. Come and see our cars if you are in the market to buy.

We've just repriced four of our excellent used Porsche cars to keep things interesting.

Call Russ or Robert on 01923 269 788 to discuss these or any of our other Porsche cars for sale.


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