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New Porsche 991 GT3 drives demand for 997 GT3 RS

6th March 2013

With the 991 GT3 finally anounced, you'd be forgiven for thinking demand would switch from 997 GT3 RS to the new car. This is not what we're seeing at JZM Porsche.

Demand for Gen 2 997 GT3 RS has never looked higher: we recently sold this spotless example with just 1,100 miles on the clock within 24 hours of it arriving at base camp. The new owner wanted a perfect RS to enjoy and keep for the future, and it's hard to argue against that.

The Gen 2 997 GT3 RS is an awesome 911: potentially the last RS ever to come with three pedals. 444 hp in 1370 kilograms, if you abandon some options and add ceramics and lightweight seats. Fifteen more horsepower than a standard 3.8 live under the engine cover, thanks to better induction and higher compression. A single mass flywheel connects to shorter gearing than its GT3 sibling, and the whole lot screams through a titanium exhaust. Max RS torque comes higher up the rev range, but those tighter ratios mean it's more fun to thrash.

Despite ample presence on wider 26mm front and 44m rear track, the controls are responsive: old-school steering offers exceptional feedback and is never too heavy. Wider track all round means that only on track will you get to the limits of grip: so many GT3s maintained by JZM Porsche regularly take visit the N√úrburgring, and every track day at Spa has at least one GT3 RS in the mix.

With a JZM set up to deliver excitement on track, the GT3 RS is an unbeatable 911 experience. Yes there are driver aids, sticky tyres, dynamic engine mounts and more, but you still have to work those three pedals to get the best from the car. A good driver enjoying a manual GT3 RS stands out on any circuit.

Back to the 991 GT3, and it's hard to see how shaving a few tenths off using two pedals and paddles will improve upon driving rewards. Cost to change now versus long term return on investment will be a tough one to answer for some: customers are already asking our advice, but it's a decision only the driver can make.

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