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Selling your Porsche on commission/SOR with JZM

21st February 2013

Selling cars on commission is often referred to as Sales or Return or SOR. Once unheard of in UK Porsche sales, SOR is now a popular service. How do you choose a garage to sell your Porsche on SOR?

JZM Porsche in Hertfordshire was the first specialist used Porsche retailer to actively promote SOR as a service, and market cars owned by other people. There were no surprises in the reactions from competitors seeking to deter potential sellers - "can't you afford to buy your own cars/selling other people's problems to your customers" and so on, but we stuck to our guns, perfecting a detailed pre-sale inspection process and only retailing cars we had absolute faith in.

Thanks to our attention to detail and refusal to compromise the integrity of our brand, the JZM used Porsche cars for sale website is now a must-bookmark site for anyone looking at used Porsche for sale in the UK.


This Porsche 997 Turbo in Basalt Black Metallic was recently sold on commission by JZM Porsche in just three days. The customer came in for a service and mentioned he was thinking of selling. There followed a conversation about JZM's SOR process, and likely returns should he chose to pursue that route to market. A few days later, we collected the car from the customer's London home to sell on commission.

The JZM Porsche Connect System then swung into action. Connect is an online service purpose designed and built by JZM to shift sales and service communications online, for customers to act upon in their own time. Users can book servicing, make enquiries and, most importantly for a nice quick sale, set up email alerts for any Porsche model they are hoping to buy. The system is guaranteed no spam: part of JZM's commitment to keeping email communication brief, bright and desirable.

Guaranteed No-Spam Email Stock Alerts

"As soon as customers shut off their inbox, we're stuffed," says JZM's Jonas Zambakides, "so we make sure we only send out what people have asked for." Those with 'Porsche 997 Turbo' saved on email stock alert were mailed details of the car now for sale. A reply came quickly, setting an appointment to view the following day, whereupon the car was instantly sold.

This doesn't happen every deal, but the speed of stock turnover here at JZM Porsche shows our effectiveness. We pick the best cars, price them properly, keep on top of marketing and sell everything including SOR cars with our inclusive twelve-month warranty.

No One Works Harder

SOR sellers tell us that no one works harder on their behalf than JZM Porsche. If you're thinking of putting your car on the market, call Jonas, Robert or Russ on 01923 269788 to discuss how we can help you sell it quickly.

JZM is also a cash buyer of used Porsche cars, subject to the same detailed inspection. Give us a call to find out more.

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