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Service at JZM this February and sync your MOT for FREE!

7th February 2013

JZM Porsche has a showroom full of perfect used Porsche cars for sale at all sorts of prices, but we never forget that all of our customers appreciate value for money, and always try to have an added incentive or offer available.

Through February 2013, our workshop and Porsche servicing department is offering a FREE MOT (on request) with every service carried out. This will allow customers to get their cars in sync for summer, safe in the knowledge that their Porsche is road legal for another twelve months.

In a car's early life, tax renewal and MOT dates fall neatly into place. Cars are used daily, and taxed and MOTed on the anniversary of their registration. As time passes and cars do fewer miles per year, servicing, tax and MOT dates slip apart. This is when it's easy to lose track of MOT renewal dates and be driving a car without an MOT for months without knowing.

Keeping annual service and MOT dates in sync has many advantages:

  • The car can be driven to a pre-arranged MOT while untaxed. Book an MOT at the same time as your service and you can legally drive on the road while untaxed to deliver your car to us. The car must be insured and we advise distance within reason - check Direct.gov here.
  • Only one visit to JZM Porsche is required, saving a day off work and car moving inconvenience if you MOT it during the week, not to mention retest aggravation if it fails.
  • By MOTing your car pre-service, we get official checks done on exhaust emissions and safety items like cross-axle brake balance and headlight aim: all good pointers for service attention. These can be rectified without waiting for the next service, or paying for an interim mid-season workshop visit.
  • It's easy to plan for expense over the year. Know your MOT and service fall together in February and you'll have a month after Christmas to let finances recover before having the car ready for 1st March, when most classic Porsches go back on the road.
  • No risk of driving illegally. We've all had that moment when we wonder when our MOT is due, only to find it was due three months ago and we've been driving the car ever since.
  • No risk of insurance problems in the event of an accident. When the car is MOTed and legally up to date, theft or accident damage cannot be argued with. But forget your MOT date by even a day and that's it as far as some insurers are concerned: no MOT, no insurance cover.

So come to JZM this February and let us get you back in sync for FREE! Even if your MOT's not due, there's no reason you can't reset the date with another test at no cost to you.

We usually find MOT fail issues/problems as part of our service inspection anyway, so this won't add expense. Call us on 01923 269 788 to book your service and FREE MOT today, or link to JZM Connect and book your slot that way. Don't forget to tell us you want your FREE MOT!

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