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Porsche 991 GT3 Clubsport

Porsche 991 GT3 Clubsport £136,900

JZM are delighted to offer yet another meticulously maintained 991 GT3 Club Sport for sale. As always this GT3 had its mileage verified along with the operating hours and rev ranges by our onsite team of technicians.

Porsche 964 Turbo S Leichtbau

Porsche 964 Turbo S Leichtbau £799,900

Think of a number. Double it. Multiply by a thousand. Add a few hundred. The answer is a big number: just like the number of ‘normal’ Porsche 911 Turbos built every year. Now think of a number between 85 and 87. That’s the number of 911 Turbo S Leichtbau models ever built by the Porsche Special Wishes department. It is also the final two chassis number digits of the delivery miles, un-registered car you are looking at.

Porsche Maritime 36 Turbo

Porsche Maritime 3.6 Turbo £229,900

We are very pleased to be able to offer this beautiful and very rare C16 3.6 964 Turbo II. The vehicle was originally supplied by Douglas Cameron In Perth during the October of 1993.

This Turbo has a full service history with OPC's and reputable Porsche specialists and a comprehensive maintenance folder with a generous amount of service invoices, certificate of authenticity is included.

Porsche 996 GT3 RS

Porsche 996 GT3 RS £159,900

We are delighted to offer this low mileage 996 GT3 RS thats supplied with impeccable ECU data and shows little or no evidence of track work. The vehicle is presented in superb original condition all original panels and is supplied with a wonderful file that includes a generous amount of service invoices and past MOT's.

This Porsche will need to be seen to be fully understood……………Truly Stunning

Porsche Cayman GT4

Porsche Cayman GT4 £90,900

JZM is proud to offer this unique Unregistered GT4 for sale. With just delivery mileage from new and a comprehensive specification for maximum driving enjoyment, this latest and greatest mega-Porsche is available to buy today from stock at JZM Porsche. Contact us to discuss your purchase: finance and part exchange are always a pleasure.

Porsche LHD 997 GT3 RS 40L

Porsche LHD 997 GT3 RS 4.0L £279,900

We are thrilled to offer yet another meticulously maintained LHD 997 GT3 RS 4.0L. This Porsche has received a full JZM one and a half hour bumper to bumper inspection and we are glad to report this GT really is as good as it looks. As always this GT3 has had its mileage verified along with the operating hours and rev ranges by our onsite team of technicians and we can happily report the vehicle data is exemplary.

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Buying your used Porsche from JZM

Thank you for visiting JZM Porsche Sales. We have an exceptional selection of used Porsche for sale and we hope you enjoy browsing through our showroom to find your perfect Porsche.

You can rest assured that for every Porsche that makes it into our showroom there are a number that have not made the grade. Each Porsche that we do offer for sale undergoes our industry leading Porsche pre-sale inspection process. Each Porsche pre-sale inspection is carried out by our team of experienced Porsche technicians to ensure that it matches the quality that our customers have come to expect.

JZM Porsche is the UK's leading independent Porsche specialist and GT3 specialist, as voted by the 911UK forum. Our team of highly trained Porsche technicians use the latest tools and diagnostics to give new owners total peace of mind. All of our Porsche for sale include a one year warranty and seven day money back guarantee.

Quality SOR Porsche for sale with JZM

We offer a new approach to help you select your perfect Porsche. Besides our own stock of Porsche for sale we can also widen your choice by including a selection of our customer's cars (SOR). Each SOR used Porsche is sold with our JZM one year warranty included.

SOR Porsche are extensively cars that we have regularly serviced and maintained for customers, so we are fully aware of their history, and have utmost confidence when offering them for sale on a customer's behalf.

Our SOR service is so successful that other Porsche dealers are trying to emulate it. With over 300 satisfied customers its popularity speaks volumes.

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Our revered Porsche Tuning Centre backed up with our motor sport experience give customers not only the confidence to source their next Porsche GT3 for sale with JZM but also the reassurance that the’re in the hands of experienced Porsche technicians. We stock the very best Porsche tuning products and enhancements for your Porsche. Don't let amateurs ruin your 'new' 911.

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JZM have a selection of unique warranty packages especially tailored to give every new JZM Porsche owner an unrivaled level of piece of mind. We sell every Porsche with the minimum of a one year warranty.

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