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Buying your used Porsche from JZM

Thank you for visiting JZM Porsche Sales. We have an exceptional selection of used Porsche for sale and we hope you enjoy browsing through our showroom to find your perfect Porsche.

You can rest assured that for every Porsche that makes it into our showroom there are a number that have not made the grade. Each Porsche that we do offer for sale undergoes our industry leading Porsche pre-sale inspection process. Each Porsche pre-sale inspection is carried out by our team of experienced Porsche technicians to ensure that it matches the quality that our customers have come to expect.

JZM Porsche is the UK’s leading independent Porsche specialist . Our team of highly trained Porsche technicians use the latest PIWIS 3 ( Porsche Integrated Workshop Information System ) diagnostics testers to give new owners total peace of mind. We are also the only UK Porsche independent to have PXN (Porsche eXternal Network) this gives us the ability to perform all necessary reprogramming and key code adaption functions. All of our Porsche for sale include a one year warranty and seven day money back guarantee.


Quality SOR Porsche for sale with JZM

We offer a new approach to help you select your perfect Porsche. Besides our own stock of Porsche for sale we can also widen your choice by including a selection of our customer’s cars (SOR). Each SOR used Porsche is sold with our JZM one year warranty included.

SOR Porsche are extensively cars that we have regularly serviced and maintained for customers, so we are fully aware of their history, and have utmost confidence when offering them for sale on a customer’s behalf.

Our SOR service is so successful that other Porsche dealers are trying to emulate it. With over 2000 satisfied customers its popularity speaks volumes.

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We have always insisted on the highest standards for all Porsche cars added to our showroom stock, but when it comes to classic Porsche cars restored in-house, those standards are even higher. We’ve recently completed a detailed refurbishment on this Porsche 993 Carrera 4 Manual Coupe and the car is now…

So many modern-day Porsche owners dream of building a vintage air-cooled 911 to deliver the ultimate engaging driving experience, but settling on a recipe for the ultimate early air-cooled 911 is never an easy decision. With so many models and engine options to choose from, it takes an experienced Porsche…

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What our customers say

Having had to sell my beloved 964 Cabriolet on the birth of my son some years ago, I was delighted on my retirement to be able to get back into 911 motoring with a 996 C2 Tiptronic Cabriolet. Yes, I know, not the most desirable in the current climate, but I love it. Obviously there's been the usual trials and tribulations, but it's fair to say that it’s been a pleasure to drive. But enough of the history lesson. As well as the Porsche I also bought a property in Spain for my retirement. Back in March I was going...

Andy and Debbie Goding

Just wanted to say thanks for all the help with my burned out distributor a couple of weeks ago. The car is running better than it ever has, and it was a real help sorting it out there and then, despite my arriving unannounced.

James Seed

Just a short message of thanks to Chris Boys and his team, for his understanding and solving of my predicament a few days ago. The service and help I received was absolutely excellent. Briefly, I have a 993 C2 which has been serviced and generally looked after by you for my 3 years of ownership, and last week I decided to sell her as I plan to upgrade hopefully to a 993 turbo. Anyway, I found a buyer very quickly, but within 24 hours of new ownership, unfortunately the clutch started slipping. Even though it was unpredictable, and could happen...

Mike Biggs

I had been having a problem with my 964 for a while. I'd taken it to a couple of engineers however after spending money my problem still persisted. I booked an appointment and duly arrived at JZM for a diagnostics test. Firstly I would like to thank Chris, services manager who made me feel most welcome he was attentive and reassuring. Secondly whilst I was waiting to find out what needed doing I spoke to a gentleman in the car park. He was most informative and really put me at ease. It was not until later I found out it...

Ashley Dines

Just a quick note to say many thanks for a great service your team did yesterday on my car G2 SLB! I haven't had a car serviced by yourselves for over 10 years, much to my mistake, and I was blown away with the team and the technical feedback from Chris too. My car was at Lancaster Cambridge for quite a bit of work last year and Ii regret you not doing this to be frank! Many thanks.

David Blake

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